What are the benefits of drainage correction?

  • Drained land will lower your unit cost of production and help you compete in the marketplace.
  • Drainage is a best management practice.  It reduces soil erosion and assists in the reduction of phosphorus in streams.
  • The benefits of land drainage are many and depend on the condition and management of the farm after the work is done.
  • For corn and soybeans – expect about 35 – 50% increase in yield compared to the same crops in undrained soil.
  • For hay and pasture expect about a 30% increase in  yield.Landscape Stones
  • Grazing periods are extended two to three weeks in the fall, thus saving on barn feeding.
  • Well-drained soils carry more livestock per acre with less damage to the soil compared to poorly drained soil.
  • Tile drained soils create uniform field conditions for early field work.
  • Tile drained soils are essential for no-till agriculture on any soil type.

What will it cost to drain my land?

The following tables may be of assistance in making a preliminary estimate of the quantity of drainage pipe required for a drainage project.
The table gives the size of main drain required to drain an area, when the drain is laid at a specified grade and is flowing full. For example, an 8-inch drainage pipe, laid at a grade of 0.10 feet per 100 feet will drain 16 acres. Your contractor will provide the information for a specific situation.

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