What is the problem with the old, traditional home mold test sets?

The standard DIY mold test kits that have been available on the marketplace have numerous serious restrictions. Initially, the kits are truly simply collection sets for sending samples into labs for analysis. Second, the laboratory testing usually requires an extra charge that is frequently concealed and can come as a surprise to the consumer. Lastly, these send-in tests can take up to 2 weeks for outcomes. In sum, when taken together, the conventional low-cost, DIY mold test is neither inexpensive or DIY. Or if you don’t want DIY, you can always call mold removal services like Catstrong to do the job for you.

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Can I test for unhealthy molds myself, rapidly and accurately?

A new generation of mold test packages has been just recently presented that provides consumers the power to test for particular mold enters minutes, right in the personal privacy of their own houses. The best example of this type of test is antibody-based or immunoassay type tests for mold identification. These tests work similarly to pregnancy-type test strip devices that are sold over the counter in drug shops. A liquid sample is prepared and then added drop-wise to the gadget and a visual indicator appears over several minutes in the presence of whatever it is one is looking to find. When it comes to pregnancy tests, that substance is a female hormonal agent. When it comes to mold tests, the target compound is normal a protein or associated-molecule that is specific to unhealthy or water damage-related mold types.

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How does a one-step antibody test work?

Antibodies are naturally-derived biological molecules that show highly-specific attraction or binding capacity for other biological molecules. Our antibodies comprise part of our natural body defenses versus illness and harmful compounds. These same antibodies can be made versus several biological targets and after that utilized as tools in testing devices. Numerous tests utilized in medical laboratories have been utilizing antibodies for decades. It is these same antibody-based tests that are found in pregnancy test strips extensively offered in pharmacies. Briefly, in a normal rapid test format, two antibodies that are specific to the target compound are incorporated into a single device, whereby among the antibodies is combined to a sign dye. In the presence of the target compound in the test liquid, the two antibodies bind to the target molecule at the same time. Because one of the antibodies is labeled with a colored dye, the look of the colored dye on a test strip suggests the existence of the target compound. This effective analytical technique enables highly sensitive and specific lab testing to be carried out by the customer in an easy to utilize device.

How Does the Consumer Run the Test?

User-friendly steps are an essential function for any house test kit …

Like any consumer product, easy-to-follow steps and instructions are the key to a successful item. Because these kinds of tests have been utilized by consumers for many years in the pregnancy test market, we should expect that they can be utilized by the majority of people who can follow basic actions. If you acquire a test set that can not be quickly run following simple instructions, it does not do anybody much good. Numerous new rapid immunoassay test items for water-damage associated molds have just recently gone into the market. Client evaluations for these products suggest that clients have been pleased general with this kind of item’s ease-of-use and performance. In the case of this type of test, the steps are generally comparable, simple and straight forward.

For instance, standard operational steps consist of:

1) eliminating the supplied tasting swab provided with the kit,

2) sampling the location you want to test,

3) re-inserting the swab into back into a sleeve or bottle,

4) Introducing a moistening representative

5) include several drops of liquid sample to each test.

In general, the appearance of several colored lines in the test gadget is a positive sign that one of the molds noted exists; a single-colored line is an unfavorable outcome.

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OK, I have mold … what do I do now?

Testing is just the start.

If you wind up with a negative test … Great, you likely don’t have a severe problem with mold. What do you do when the test is positive for among the unhealthy mold types? Unfortunately, there is no right response. If you have a water invasion, fixing the water leak is the very first issue. Cleaning up the existing mold without fixing the water concern will just briefly help the issue. The mold will return if the water is still around. Once the water issue is fixed, clean-up techniques depends on the degree of the issue. A little area of mold (the U.S. CDC defines small as less than 10 square feet) can typically be cleaned by the homeowner. There are numerous licensed remediation and inspection specialists quickly situated through a web search on in the business directory sites in your area. The most respectable companies will be certified by a nationwide organization or in some places by the states themselves Be particularly mindful in handling unknown situations by yourself. It is normally worth the added expense to have a professional address scenarios you are unsure about. In the case of home mold testing, even if you do wind up hiring a professional because of your mold test set result, a minimum of you will be doing so with the added details in hand that you have validated your suspicions and have a mold concern to be attended to. If you consider hiring mold removal services, just visit us.

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